Monday, April 25, 2016

Observations of myself: Writer's Block

I have been trying and meaning to blog for the last 20 days...WOW!  That really got away from me!  For someone with so many thoughts, who regularly manages to post silly photos of her kids and dogs on Facebook, it is amazing to experience writers block.  And with each passing day I get farther and farther away from the ideas I meant to blog about.  Today is the day to end all that and get back to business.

It's not that I haven't made any observations.  I have.  I have been feeling the warmth of spring sunshine on my skin and smelling the first scents of flowering trees and hearing the peals of laughter from two wild boys unrestricted by winter layers.  I have been watching the slow march of buds that signals the end of a long a dark winter and the beginning of another summer.

It's not that I haven't used myObservatory.  I have.  I collected some great new photo vantage points of Scortons Creek from the middle of the marsh.  I worked with students to build Arduino based sensors to install out at Scortons Creek.  I contacted several interesting people with interesting projects from all over the country that I met in Nashville.  And I continue to collect my own personal data of my yard and my adventures with the aforementioned wild boys.  

So what's my deal?!  

I have been making excuses for 20 days.  I am too busy with other work.  I want to spend more time with my kids.  I hurt my back.  My husband had surgery.  I need to clean my house.

But the observations of myself that seem most true are just this: It's spring!  It's getting too nice to be stuck inside writing on my computer.  I needed a break to read a book for fun (yup, that's right I did!) and lay out sunning myself reptilian-style.  I have been grinding away the bad weather and cold by working myself harder than ever; I am tired of working.  I am not motivated; I am too distracted by the lengthening days and warmer nights.  I feel change in the air and could not reconcile what this change means in my own life.

But now I have come clean.  I have admitted to myself that my observations of me are just as important as my observations of the world around me.  I'm glad this is over with and I can start writing again!  I wanted to feel like coming back to writing was natural and not forced.  I needed to give myself a break and let my brain come back around.  I did all that.  

Here I am, BEWARE of random data stories and exciting new progress for myObservatory!

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